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Colonic Hydrotherapy in South West London

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Introducing Bernie Evers

Bernie has been in Colonic Practise in London for 13 years and in the alternative Health industry internationally through both Colonic Hydrotherapy and Swedish Massage since 2001. Her Practise operates from Clapham, South West London (opposite Battersea Arts Centre) a short 5 minute walk from the main station and easily accessible from the A3, London and all major South West bus links.
She also works with Cosmotech Chelsea Private Clinic.

Highly rated, Bernie is gifted with a real passion for People and their Health. She has the skill to deliver a top class Colonic treatment coupled with an incredible ability to put you completely at ease, thus getting the best results possible.

She has treated thousands of both ladies and gentlemen over the years with the clear goal to work from 'inside-out' to help you create a healthier you.

"People can live busy, hectic, stressful or socially demanding lifestyles and eventually something has got to give . I totally get it as I am the same! If you are not 'pooping' at least once every day then you are constipated and the effect this can have on your mentality, immune system, energy and overall well-being is highly underestimated. My job is to build a trust and put you completely at ease so we can work together to optimize your health by cleansing your body"

Bernie is highly accredited by full certification and a member of both A.R.C.H and C.N.H.C for Colonic Hyrdrotherapy.

Is this your first time?
Had a bad experience before?
Just have questions or concerns?

Please be encouraged to make contact, as you will find Bernie very approachable doing all she can to answer your questions and offer you the service you deserve.

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Hello Bernie
I want to say thank you for search a wondeful experience. I was nervous as this was my first time to have this treatment, but you made me feel comfort and safe. You explained the process in search a calm way and made me feel at ease. You created search a safe space that before i reailised it the treatment was over. thank you i would recommend you anytime as you are truely special and provide a 100 star service.

-Faith Wood

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